Can Opener

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6 in 1 Opener, designed for multi purpose: Stainless Steel Can Opener, Beer Bottle Opener, Jar Opener, Kitchen Tool and so on.

can opener



can opener

can opener

can opener

jar opener
1. 6 in 1 Multi Opener can opens six different types of seals/lids: bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids
2. A good helper for the household duties, a good gift for your mother/ wife, let her easily solve the sturdiest bottles and jars.
3. Easy grip handle great for children, elderly and arthritis sufferers. Makes opening any lid a breeze.
4. Can open the caps without hurting hands or using too much strength. Increased efficiency and comfortable utility make it perfect for those with hand injuries or arthritis.
5. Not just for the home,you can take it along to picnics, camping and trips. Slips neatly in the cutlery drawer when not in use-this rubber jar opener will not take up too much space, jar opener silicone lining is easy to clean.

How to Use this can opener:

1. Gauge the correct size circle grip per jar lid size;
2. Place over lid and squeeze;
3. Turn & Twist breaking the factory seal and pop the lid off


can opener

can opener

Material: Stainless Steel + PP +(TPRhandle)
Size: 14.5*6*2.2cm / 5.7” X 2.4” X 1”
Weight: 115g/ 4 oz
Recommended Uses: all kinds of bottles, can cap, jars, wine, beer and so on in the kitchen or on holiday/travel

Package includes:
1* Multifunction Can Opener/Jar Opener/Bottle Opener


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History about can and can opener

A can opener (in North American English and Australian English) or tin opener (sometimes used in British English) is a mechanical device used to open tin cans (metal cans). The preservation of food using tin cans had been practiced since at least 1772 in the Netherlands, the first can openers were not patented until 1855 in England and 1858 in the United States.


These early openers were basically variations of a knife, though the 1855 design continues to be produced. The first can opener, consisting of the now familiar sharp rotating cutting wheel that runs round the can’s rim to cut open the lid, was invented in 1870, but was considered very difficult to operate for the ordinary consumer. A successful design came out in 1925 when a second, serrated wheel was added to hold the cutting wheel on the rim of the can. This easy-to-use design has become one of the most popular can opener models.


Around the time of World War II, several can openers were developed for military use, such as the American P-38 and P-51. These featured a robust and compact design with a folding cutting blade without a handle. Electric can openers were introduced in the late 1950s and met with success. The development of new can opener types continues with the recent addition of a side-cutting model.(source, wikipedia)